ICEMS2017 Keynote Presentation


Robust Design Optimization for High Quality Production of
Electrical Machines and Drive Systems



Electrical drive systems are key components in many modern appliances, as well as industry equipment and systems. The traditional deterministic design optimization methods of electrical machines and drive systems cannot take into account the unavoidable variations or uncertainties in the manufacturing process and operation conditions, such as the manufacturing tolerance, variation of material characteristics, and fluctuation of drive voltage. Limited by these uncertainties, an aggressively optimized design may be difficult for high quality batch production and end up with high rejection rates. Similarly, variations in system parameters and operational conditions may also lead to sub-optimal performance, and in a severe case, even instability. To solve this type of problems, this talk presents an efficient robust design optimization method for six-sigma quality batch production of electrical machines and drive systems.



Dr. Jian Guo Zhu, Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering

Director, Centre for Green Energy and Vehicle Innovations

Head, School of Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems

University of Technology Sydney, Australia



Jian Guo Zhu (IEEE S93, M96, SM03) received the BE in 1982 from Jiangsu Institute of Technology, China, ME in 1987 from Shanghai University of Technology, China, and Ph.D in 1995 from University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia, all in electrical engineering.

He joined the School of Electrical Engineering, UTS, as a lecturer in 1994, and promoted to senior lecturer in 1997, associate professor in 2000, full professor in 2004, and the distinguished professor of electrical engineering in 2017. He was appointed the head for School of Electrical Engineering in 2000, and head for School of Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems in 2004 when the Electrical and Mechanical Schools merged. He also holds the position of director of the Centre for Green Energy and Vehicle Innovations at UTS.

His research interests include computational electromagnetics, measurement and modelling of magnetic properties of materials, electrical machines and drives, green energy systems and smart micro grids. Based on his research, he has published 2 books, 10 book chapters, 250+ journal articles and 500+ conference papers.

He has served as a board member of COMPUMAG Society from 2008 to 2014, chairman for the Joint Chapter of Power and Energy, Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics, and Industry Application Societies in IEEE NSW Section since 2010, and general chairman for six international conferences, including COMPUMAG2011 and ICEMS2017.